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  • Wedding Day Makeup Tips

  • Take care of your skin!  Having  a through day and night skincare routine is so important at least 3-6 months before the wedding to prepare for the big day! For the best coverage results, we start with the prepping of the surface of the skin! If your skin is dry and flaky, even the most expensive product will not sit, powder & foundation will only bring out the lack of effort you put into your skin care routine. 

  • Makeup & hair trials are extremely important! The makeup and hair you envision may or may not compliment you or your dress. You have no idea what it’ll look like unless you see that your hair person can do what you want in advance, so you can have confident in your artist, and relax on the day of your wedding. It reduces a lot of stress, and saves a lot time from having to readjust. 

  • On the day of your trial, wear a button down shirt similar to your wedding dress.

  • Bring references to your trial! Do your research for makeup & hair images. Try to identify what it is your like about the makeup in the image, and take into account that if you have dark skin, the makeup on someone who is fair skin won’t necessarily translate to you. 

  • Don’t wear SPF. “If you are having any flash photography, it is recommended that you not to wear SPF as the flash will bounce off your skin making you look washed out. Be sure to test at your trial by taking a photo with your flash on.”

  • Don’t follow makeup trends from IG & YouTube for you wedding day glam. Stay within your comfort zone, you have to feel like yourself with the level of enhancement. Your artist should customize a look that works best based on your facial features & skin color!

  • You’ll have to live with photo’s of your wedding for the rest of your life, so it’s best to avoid statement looks, and opt for something more classic and timeless. Overly exaggerated and theatrical makeup can be distracting to your beautiful wedding gown.

  • Remember, wedding day glam goal is to achieve enough to accentuate you for photo’s but still look approachable in person.