With over 20 years of dedication as a master level beauty artist, I’ve developed skills to see far beyond the standards of a makeup application process. 

Every face is beautiful and exquisite, where different ethnic features has its own unique landscape with different textures and transitions. While experimenting can be fun, I tend to avoid trends and favor tailored approaches to my client’s particular situation. 

I pride myself on being able to apply industry specific knowledge to develop the perfect look that takes into consideration my client’s age, complimentary color pallet and tones that highlights their skin and eye color, not detract from it.

I believe makeup should never be used to hide yourself. It should be used to enhance one’s natural beauty. Simplicity is the key to true elegance. Because when overdone, makeup can look tacky and give the appearance of age. 

Our team of professionals are experts in Bridal Makeup & Bridal Hair Designs. Our traveling wedding makeup artists can accommodate-any size bridal party for your wedding day glam.
A major aspect of weddings is the bridal makeup. This is your special day and you want to be looking immaculate. We want  to enhance, and highlight  your natural beauty. Our goal is to achieve a timeless elegant, customized appearance for each of our bride.  We don't want your hair and makeup to compete with your dress. We want your guest, and your husband, to see your true beauty, not generically pretty, made up to an unrecognizable level.

We use only the leading brand in makeup artistry to give you the desired looks. We offer traditional makeup application as well as airbrush applications. We also have 100% mineral makeup for those who have sensitive skin. This creates skin friendly blends that give a natural, lightweight, and beautiful glow.

WE Look forward to working with you to customize a look that is just right for you, so that your hair and makeup will look its best on your wedding day.