"We offer a full range of services including make-up, hair styling updos, and eyelash extensions. We   specialize in Bridal Parties & Quinceaneras. Our staff consists of professionally trained experts in the latest techniques and products available in our industry. We use only the leading brand in make-up artistry to give you the desired looks. We offer traditional makeup applications as well as airbrush applications. We Have our own customized VanitySD Lashes designed, customized to each individual features. Our lashes is 100% sterilized human hair. Compared to synthetic lashes, human hair looks more natural in person and in photos/ video's because it doesn't reflect the shine like the synthetic material and it is much more light in weight which gives the comfort for long wear and for those who's not used to wearing faults lashes. We use mineral, a 100% natrual make-up. This creates skin-friendly blends that leads to a natural, lightweight, and beautiful, glowing skin for those who don't wear makeup on a daily basis and want the most natural look possible."